10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

1. I am obsessed with the idea of being a minimalist, but I could never be one because I love jackets, shoes, and bags.
2. I adore tiny homes, and would totally live in one.
3. I am obsessed with action and adventure movies.
4. My first love was soccer, and to this day I try to be as involved as I possibly can.
5. I am currently finishing my bachelor’s degree online. So close to being done!
6. I almost entered into the Air Force, but then I met a guy… who is now my husband.
7. I was never a dog person, until we got our German Shepherd, Kona
8. I told myself when I got my first camera, that I would never EVER shoot weddings. But now I adore them.
9. My favorite color is black, and my entire closet is loaded with black everything. Lately I have been trying to add in more color into my wardrobe and it is so difficult!
10. My dream travel destination is Italy. Ever since I watched The Italian Job (2003) I have wanted to visit Venice.