You see, I consider myself a story teller at heart. In my personal life, I often forsake anything I cannot find an emotional connection to. I cry in movies. Books. Video games. And I probably will cry on your wedding day.

There are beautiful stories all around us, and I take immense joy in capturing those cherished moments, those in-between breaths of life. I trust the story of the day, the Love that is real, and the magnificent glory that exists in every waking moment. I trust the story that exists. These moments are brief, but should be held forever.

Think back on an event that meant something in your life. Whether it was tragic or full of joy, it played an integral part in your story. 

Those defining moments in our lives are a series of images in motion. A single frame in our memory can contain incredible intimacy, joy, fear, love, anxiousness, or the 'indescribable' we often experience.

If those defining moments in your life were captured by a photographer, would they capture you smiling at a camera, wondering what to do with your hands? If those memories involve you and someone else, would you both be looking at a camera, wondering if the other person is smiling or making a serious face?

These defining moments aren't planned. They aren't staged. They are real. Honest. Raw. Not always perfect. They have movement. They are part of a MUCH bigger story. Just like your wedding day.

No one wants hours of staged wedding photos. Well, if you do, I'm not your guy. I'm not going to make you do the resting-my-head-on-my-folded-arms thing, or make your bridal party simultaneously jump. 

I believe in photos that truly matter, photos that can change lives, and photos that last generations. 

I would love to work for you in any way that I can.

These are stories I have to tell.